Monday, February 22, 2016

One Giant Sleepover

My kindred friend Tara took all our treasures for a night last weekend while the Cowboy and I were in CA. And this weekend she got to go away for a few days so we had one giant sleepover here on the farm with four of her kids. 
The girls spent hours playing "Annie." They told me they were pretending that they were orphans and that they all had dark skin. It made me smile. 

Miss Viv was dying to ride the ponies. The snow had melted tremendously and it was a beautiful day for a ride.

10 treasures around the farmhouse table.

My sweet Grandma knows how we get stuck inside a lot during the winter so she sent each kid something they could use indoors. She got one of the kids this gummy bear maker and it was the perfect treat to make at our sleepover. 

Before bed the boys watched a movie in the boys room and the girls watched a movie in the girls room, each equipped with a large bowl of popcorn. 

The Cowboy made blueberry pancakes and farm fresh eggs for breakfast.

These two cuties made their own map, loaded up their backpacks with dozens of trinkets and spent the afternoon in the treehouse. 

Miss Arie was terrified of our dog, so she stuck close to me and Shiloh all weekend. 

The boys went back and forth between  playing Connect Four and Battle Ship .

 When Tara and I first met, we had 3 kids between the two of us. Who would have thought that one day would have 11 amazing treasures; enough for one giant sleepover under the farmhouse roof. 
 It was a loud, busy, adventurous, hilarious, & full 24 hours. I'm so thankful for all these fun kids in my life.