Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pieces Of Summer

The summer has barely begun and it has been jam-packed with trips and friends and water days and work days, afternoons of art and jumprope and gardens and all things good and lovely. 

But then there came a day when it was just me in the kitchen, The Best of Hillsong was strumming in the background. The kids were all over the farm doing their own things. 

It was just me.

It was quiet enough for me to hear His voice.

I was still enough to know His presence.

Me, with Him. My heart in a posture of praise.

The joy tears fell. 

I just love HIM. 

And I long to know Him so so much more.

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So often my little world is just so loud. I know it's the season I'm in and that seasons are always changing. The loud truly does holds it's own sweetness. 

But the loud also makes the quiet a total gift. 

My favorite days of the summer, 
are the ones spent alone with Him in my kitchen__ A tender closeness that will be with me always in eternity. 

How very grateful I am that He is the only thing permanent in this world that is fading away. How very grateful I am that this earth the short part, and that the sweetness of being in His presence is what my soul will know fully for all of eternity. 




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Monday, June 19, 2017

Fathers Day 2017

We spent Fathers Day at a small town arena with a bunch of Colorado Mounted Rangers. 

We ate BBQ under a canopy of pine trees. We took the long way home, down a bunch of dusty dirt roads, listening to The Cowboy's favorite Country station. 

Driving through the middle of nowhere, the Charmer declared from the back seat, "EVERYONE, I lost a tooth!" 

The littlest one was hot and fussy. 

When the oldest boy shook the Captain's hand, I couldn't help but think about how he looked like such a man. 

I haven't written about it much here in this space, but my man is a Colorado Ranger and today 21 Rangers completed the training necessary to become Mounted Rangers (Rangers on horseback). Our family went to support and celebrate their accomplishments. 

I don't understand a ton about all the details of being a Ranger. On the drive home, I asked my Joey about the different ranks and about some of the  Lieutenants, Captains, and Colonels we had met at the BBQ. Getting straight who's who, can be confusing to me. But I was so grateful to have met some of the kind folks that my Joey spends a lot of his time with. 

 The Cowboy is not a man of many words, but his life is an example of quiet strength, solid faith, and selfless love. He's not perfect, but he's perfectly mine. And for that, I'm eternally grateful.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Her Bathing Suit

She finds her bathing suit in a pile of suits on the farm front porch, and brings it to me. 

She points to herself. 

In her tiny voice, she whispers it kind of unclear, but I'm beginning to understand, "On. On."

I help her put it on and lather her tender white skin in sunscreen__ and then I watch.

I watch her run her pudgy little fingers across the ruffle of her suit. 

She's still in that toddling phase__ the one where she's still trying to tame those little legs of hers.

And every once in awhile, she takes a break and finds herself a snack.

Her see-through white whisps 
and sun-kissed cheeks 
and love for her own bathing suit__
They're tiny pieces of summer that I want to remember for always. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017



In 2010 we bought an old homestead with some friends, ten acres with two houses on it. It was a train wreck when we bought it. The grass in the fields was up to our waists. The houses smelled like urine, the paint was chipping, pieces of the roof were missing, and we've since filled six 40-yard dumpsters, with trash. So like any normal people, within an hour of seeing the place, we put an offer on it.
We knew it was going to be a twenty year project, but we saw the potential and we looked forward to the work that we could put in as a family.
Since moving to Colorado we've doubled the number of kids in our tribe and we've had to do some shuffling with rooms and such. This past year, our used-to-be schoolroom became our oldest son's bedroom.

We knew it would be nice to have a space for school, but we also knew it was a luxury, not a necessity. We talked about adding on to our house. We talked about building a garage with a school room attached to it. We went through a dozen scenerios and kept coming back to the same thought... staying debt free and utilizing what we already have.
Across from the farmhouse was this old, ugly stable. It was missing a wall, had holes in the roof, and was, at the time, housing our chickens and a pot-belly pig.
The inside was drab to say the least. It felt dark and dirty and I was struggling to envision something glorious. But then I remembered that I am married to the man. The Cowboy loves projects and once we have a plan, he's all in.
So we started with another 40-yard dumpster, and filled it to the BRIM with everything imaginable that we found in the old stable. We sold the pig to a sweet hippie lady who told us she was going to take the pig on a trip around the United States in her van. Then we moved the chickens down to the big red barn.


Once we emptied out the inside, we set to work on the roof. This is the thing I love most about doing projects on our farm... It's a family affair. We all work together. The kids learn new skills and the parents learn patience. Yes, it is much easier to just get a job done than it is to teach little ones along the way, but the process is never as rich as it is when we are doing things together. And so we purpose to slow down, and we bring the kids along, and we make memories.
Then came the floor. It was just dirt, so The Cowboy built a floating floor. How he did that? I have no idea. But it's there now and it's awesome and I'm amazed at some of the things this man of mine can do.
{Cutting planks for the floor.}
There was electricity in the stable, but no lights. So The Cowboy put in lights. And then, the thing that felt like it made all the difference in the world... 10 gallons of white paint! It just took an old dingy room and made it feel so much brighter and maybe even cheerful.

Below are some before and after pics. It still blows my mind that the Cowboy can turn something that looks like this....

Into this.







 And here are just a few more pictures of what it looks like now. :)

I can't seem to find a before picture of what this side of the stable looked like. But there was no door and no windows and the place where the giant X's are, was open space (no walls).
And now, less than $5000 later, we have this simple, yet seemingly unreal to this Mama, space. We bought the biggest (yet possibly the ugliest) couch we could find so that we could fit all kinds of family and friends on it. There's a pellet stove in one corner, a play area in another corner. And in the last corner we have our little set-up for our school. It's a place we can all go to spread out. It's a space for friends and family to gather. And our hope is that it will become a place of rest for those who are in need of refreshment.
Nearly seven years ago the Lord was gracious enough to lend our family this little piece of earth. Our desire is that it will be used for His glory however He sees fit. How beyond grateful we are for our little #stableturnedoneroomschoolhouse