Thursday, February 18, 2016

My Latest Joy Moments

{People often ask me what the youngest kids are doing while I'm teaching the older kids during the day... Well, this kid uses his Mama's toothbrush to create swirls in the toilet. And when he gets bored with that he moves on to highlighting those beautiful big brown eyes of his with his sister's green highlighter. He humbles me to the core and I love him so much I can hardly stand it.}

{When she grows up, she wants to be a godly wife and mama. Personally, I think the world needs more girls with such lofty aspirations.}

{This is so my Spunky Girl. Her Granny sent her some fun new clothes in the mail and she loved them!  She's my joy-child.}

{School at the museum. A life-size Tepee for some-real-life learning.}

{A snowy Saturday morning at the farmhouse calls for a giant fort and hours and hours of entertainment.}

{Those lips. Those cheeks.}

{Our little brown-eyed blonde, with his clothes on wrong, cuz he likes to dress himself.}