Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Recital

It was my Reesie's first piano recital and my Hal's third recital and both girls did AMAZING! They had memorized their songs and they played them flawlessly. Hal played The First Noel and Open The Eyes of My Heart. And Reese played Jingle Bells and Twinkle Little Star. When my Spunky Girl was finished with her songs she stood up with the BIGGEST smile on her face and did the sweetest little curtsey. I just love that girl! 

And my Hal__ She's growing up so fast. She introduced herself boldly. She sat down with such confidence. And she played beautifully.
She has an ear for music. Miss Jennie can play a piece once, and my Hal can play back a large portion of what Miss Jennie played. She practices all the time without me having to say a word. Miss Jennie had a little competition going on between all her students to encourage them all to practice more. And My Hal was one of the winners. I love this gal like crazy! 

{This little monkey kept going back and forth between his seat and the snacks.}

{Miss Pat came to support the girls. She brought the girls real roses. Reese loved the fact that her rose was real. Gramps and Nana came too, to love on the girls, but we left before I was able to get a picture of the girls with them.}

We love Miss Jennie. She pours into my girls in a way that blesses them so much. She's constantly encouraging them & building them up. She's always finding ways to make the more mundane things fun. She soaks up my girls and their individual qualities. She's a sweet gift to our family and I'm so thankful for her.