Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Snowmen On A Snowy Day

 There is so much snow on the farm right now. 
It's stunningly beautiful and crazy overwhelming. 
And on Tuesday I woke up to another wild snow storm. 
So I canceled Shiloh's doctor appointment and called our friends and told them we weren't going to make it to their house that day because when the snow falls this much, we stay home.

So we went with Plan B__ Acceptance with joy, a last minute art project, and some hot chocolate by the fire while listening to some really great books.

What better art project to do on a snowy day than a snowman? I found this tutorial and printed out the step by step instructions for each kiddo. And we set to work. I originally thought that water colors would work well but then the Spunky Girl accidentally spilled a little of her water on her paper and I realized that water colors weren't going to work on the type of paper we were using. So we opted for plain old washable paint.

Every kid made their snow man a bit differently. I love that about art. I love that we can be doing the same project but each piece of art has it's own special flare. I have to remind my Hal often that not only does her picture not need to look like the sample project, but that her own personal touches are what make her projects original and truly lovely. 

My Jed wanted to do an art project on his own and the one that the other kids were doing felt to difficult for him. So I found a more simple one for him. It's a snowman looking up into a snow-filled sky. 
I love how his turned out too. 

Maybe being snowed in isn't so bad__ 
It was another simple, fun day at the farmhouse. :)