Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Craft Fair

My Siah and My Dancing Girl joined 4H last year. I love 4h for a million reasons. But one of my favorite things about this program is the opportunities it gives my kids to stretch and grow. 

Their club fundraiser this year included making wreaths from fresh pine that they cut down themselves at a neighbor's ranch. They had to pre-sell the wreaths and they also had an opportunity to sell more wreaths, and a project of their own making, at a local craft fair last weekend. 

Hal wrote out a little sales pitch for the wreaths that she practiced over and over again until she felt confident enough to make phone calls to family and friends. Her Nana also taught her how to crochet headbands and she sold all the ones she had made at the craft fair. 

And my Siah, he worked hard for nearly a month building old barnwood frames with his Gramps. He also sold all of his frames at the craft fair and church. 

I wanted so much to go to the craft fair to cheer them on and take some pictures. It's been a harder season for me in the reality that I cannot do all the things I long to do for all our treasures, family and friends. I feel often that I'm disappointing one person or another. And yet, I simply cannot seem to do it all. I know, I ned to give myself grace. But that's not an easy task when you're a Mama and you long to soak up each kiddo and the many things that their amazing little hearts are learning.

{I didn't get a chance to take a close up picture of each of the things that the kids made, but the barn wood frames with the chicken wire on them, in the back of this picture are the ones that Siah made.}

I'm so thankful for my Joey and the many ways that he helps me constantly. He was the parent in charge of the booth during our kid's time slot and he was sweet to take a few pictures for me. 

And I'm so incredibly proud of these two.