Saturday, December 5, 2015

Tromping Through The Woods

She might only be a few weeks old, but we weren't going to let that stop us from tromping in the woods to find the perfect tree...


I've done a lot of saying no lately. No to parties. No to play dates. No to anything that would keep me out past 7pm, pretty much because the only way I can keep what's happening inside our home running well, is by saying no to most things happening outside our home.  

But our annual hunt for the perfect Christmas Tree was something I didn't want to miss. And I'm so glad we made it happen. It was chilly, but the sun was out and Miss Shiloh and I parked ourselves in a sun-spot whenever we had the chance.

We were all so beat from the trip up the mountain that we waited until the next night to do any decorating. And decorating with the Ninja was an experience in and of itself. Finally I plopped him on the couch with a bag full of last year's Christmas cards and it kept him off the ornaments and away from the tree long enough for the rest of us to finish things up.

After we put the ninja the bed we made some hot chocolate and pulled out the stack of our favorite Christmas books. I might have fallen asleep while reading The Story of the Candy Cane.

I love the farm at Christmas time.