Thursday, December 10, 2015

Miss Shiloh Faith; 3 Weeks

{I got this seriously awesome coffee mug at a white elephant gift exchange the other night. It's bigger than Miss Shiloh's head and it's perfect for my morning Chai Tea Latte.}

Miss Shiloh @ 3 weeks__

I keep her in my room most of the time cuz it's a safe place out of the Ninja's reach.
She loves her bed and doesn't care much for her car seat.
She loves to be wrapped up tight.
When she's upset and I let her wrap her little fingers around my pointer finer, she calms down. Maybe she just likes to know that someone's near?
She has long, beautiful fingers like her Grandma Sherry and her sister, Hal.
She got a little 24 hour stomach bug, but she's better now.
She's quiet and rarely cries. 
Some night she gives me 4 hour stretches and other nights we're up every few hours spending time together. 
She can seriously sleep through anything. {I guess she sort of has to since she lives with the Ninja who has one volume, LOUD.}
She eats between 2&3 ounces at each feeding.
Her belly button thing fell off when she was 10 days old.


{I'm praying that these two would have a sweet friendship their whole lives long. I have to remind my Hal often that I am the Mama and that I love being the mama of all six of my treasures, but I am also incredibly thankful for the way she cherishes her little sister and I long to foster that relationship.}

{Her lovely long fingers wrapped around mine__ it's one of my favorite things.}

{The Cowboy and I got to go to the Mona Lisa for his company Christmas party this week. It was a treat to go out and I always feel so joyful showing off God's amazing little gift to us.}

I still marvel at the fact that she's here and that she's fabulously flawless. Oh man, I love this girl. :)