Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Red Lipstick

I'm sure I always miss my mom, but some days it just hits me harder than other days. On Sunday my three precious friends threw our baby girl a shower__ and I was missing my mom like crazy. 

And when I miss my mom like crazy, I find myself doing something little to make me feel like she's near. 

She always wore lipstick. It wasn't always red, but it was always bright. 

So as the girls and I got ready for the shower the three of us decided to wear red lipstick in honor of my Mama.

The Shower was a sweet gift to me. I left with my heart feeling so full. I hadn't seen many of these amazing woman in a long while since we started at a different church back in February. And even though the Lord has us in a new place, my heart absolutely adores these women and each and every one of them will always have a special place in my life. 

I felt so loved on. 

Thank you to each of you.
Thank you for being my friend.
Thank you for loving me well.
Thank you for praying fervently for our little one.
Thank you for offering me wild grace as the girls and I wore our red lipstick and I cried about my Mama in front of all of you and you prayed sweet, tender prayers over my heart.

Thank you for an afternoon of abundant joy for this Mama of almost SIX precious treasures!

I am one cherished and loved on woman.

How truly blessed I feel! :)

{I totally forgot to take any pictures! Thankful for these few that were passed on to me! :)}