Tuesday, October 27, 2015


These kids__
He's the quiet one. But if you pull him aside, hold him close, and ask him a few questions, you'll find that his reserved little heart is filled with the best kind of stories.

We're loosing teeth like crazy around here. Between the three oldest, there were six lost in a week. And I have to confess that I'm loving this girl's toothless grin. :) 

This morning she came in from feeding the horses and she looked a bit distraught. I asked if she was okay? 

She sat quiet for a second and then she said, 

"Mom, the strangest thing just happened to Chocolate. I was out there filling their water tank and his 'boy part' just started getting longer and longer. I've never seen anything like it." 


Her and I and and chatting it up about real life around the breakfast table.

I'm so thankful that these kids are willing to talk to me about anything and everything.  

I asked this one if he would like to keep a little hair on the top this time instead of shaving his entire head.

His response;
"Mom, you had 9 years to chose my hair style. Now it's my turn. Shave it all off please.

And once again I was reminded that he's growing up.

He's finding his words.

My favorite is when he rubs my belly and says, "Nigh nigh baby" before we put him to bed.

I also love it when all the kids sit around and try to get him to say stuff and then all five of them just laugh and laugh cuz he does say some pretty silly things that are so not the things they were asking him say.

These kids, and the ordinary everyday.
I'm so thankful.