Thursday, October 29, 2015

Telling Myself What's Real; The Mama @ 36 weeks

Yes, my mirror is disgustingly dirty; 
and truth be told, it will probably stay that way for awhile. :)

It's how life goes the last month or so of pregnancy for me. 

Only the truly needful things get done__ and the rest? Well, it will get done someday. I'm sure of it. 

But for now, I set my mind on the goal__ a strong, rested Mama and a beautiful baby girl.

These last weeks are hard for this Mama. 

So I speak truth to myself all__day__ long.

As our children grow, we never outgrow our need for God's moment-to-moment grace through the gospel. Disciplining ourselves to consciously depend on his strength is the way we grow in faith. 

Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of HIS might! {Eh 6:10}

Where struggle abounds, grace abounds much more! {Rom 5:20}

And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having ALL sufficiency in ALL things at ALL times, you may abound in every good work. {2 Cor 9:8}

Jesus died on the cross so that we would have the free unmerited grace of God. As we appropriate that grace in our lives and serve others, we are serving in the strength GOD supplies. This is how we can serve so that God gets the glory__ through HIS strength because of HIS grace shown to us in Jesus. 

This is how we mother when we feel like our round selves can't possibly move another inch. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your weaknesses? 

Boast all the more gladly in God's power to use you despite your weaknesses! 

It crazy how He is able to take your eyes off yourself and show you all that HE IS doing in and through you when you feel like you are doing nothing at all. 

I have napped every single day for a month now____I've slept in every morning____
I've started school after 9am and ended school after 4pm____We've eaten a lot of eggs and oatmeal and pizza____ I wear the same three things over and over again because they are the things that are comfortable and that fit.

And I have to say that it has been the best few months with my kids and my Joey. I rest when I need rest and I don't stress myself out trying to "get it all done." I trust that the Lord is helping me to accomplish whatever He knows needs accomplishing and it has helped me to have kind words on my tongue and energy for the needful things. 

My kids seem to be accomplishing more in school than they ever have even as I have been the most hands off I have ever been in the past five years. Yesterday I told them they needed to start school up again after lunch at 1:30. I slept till after 2:00 and when I got up, they had fed themselves, cleaned the kitchen, and finished their history work and were on to the next subject. 

It has been a season where they have been able to see their strengths and abilities. They have taken great delight in taking on more responsibilities and helping each other and me as I just can't physically do everything for everybody. Several nights a week I sit in the kitchen on a chair and the three older ones cook dinner while I "direct and supervise." They love learning how to do all sorts of stuff in the kitchen and I'm so grateful for the help. 

Resting in God's grace for this season has allowed me to watch my kids flourish. 
AND it has reminded me that God's grace truly is sufficient for me__ in ALL the seasons of my life. 

And so I will repeat it to myself all_day_long____

___This is how we can serve so that God gets the glory__ through HIS strength because of HIS grace shown to us in Jesus. 

I have nothing to boast about in my life these past few months except for His wild grace!

How very grateful I am this morning for Jesus. 

{Thoughts spurred on by Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full}