Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The One-room Schoolhouse {A Week In Pictures}

{The little boys' latest creation.}

{We got our first egg from our spring chickens this week.}

{We played this game together at lunch the first day and it was fun to hear who thought what.}

{The Dancing Girl doesn't care much for math. But she's diligent and it's slowly sinking in.}

{In between lessons I do a lot of laundry.}

{Recess__ Quad races in the field}

{After she's done with her formal studies you can often find her here, drawing horses in her drawing notebook.}

{Spelling and a snack.}

{For the Spunky Girl, everything is an event. I told her to get her own breakfast. This is what she brought to the table.}

{A picnic and some read-alouds.}

{Afternoons on the couch doing their Latin and their online history class.}

{The five year old brother helped the smallest brother get a snack. Then the smallest brother kept leaning over and spilling his snack on the floor. He was getting so flustered cuz he couldn't figure why the Cheerios kept falling out of his bowl. Poor buddy. :) }

{She reads to him everyday in the same spot.}

{He's got mad skills and hours of entertainment with a dozen match box cars.}

{An art project in the making.}

{At the beginning of the week I was trying to teach him how to write an "a." He couldn't do it and he cried. We needed to take a step back. So we went to writing circles on a wide open white sheet of paper. The circles started out HUGE. Totally great. And as he got confident in his huge circles, I encouraged him to make them smaller and smaller. He drew hundreds of circles the first two days of school. On the third day we tried again, writing an "a." This time he didn't cry. He just smiled cuz he did a super great job!}

Week one had it's hard moments.
But there are always joy moments to be found in all these crazy days here under the farmhouse roof. 

If all else fails, do your best platypus face. For whatever reason, it always helps bring back the smiles.