Monday, August 17, 2015

Father/Son Cookout & A Campfire Cake

The Dancing Girl has been trying to finish up her last few cakes to complete her first 4H cake-decorating unit. And with a dozen boys coming over for our 5th annual father/son campout that we have every year before school starts it gave us the perfect excuse to make the campfire cake that she's been wanting to make. 

The fire is made from melted red and yellow hard candies. We smashed them in a baggie with a mallet, and then spread them out on a foil-lined baking sheet and baked them for 5 minutes. After they cooled, they made a thin sheet of red and yellow sugar. We broke the sheet into jagged edges to give the candy a flame-effect. 

The girls and I and a few friends went to Ikea during the campout so I didn't get a lot of photos. But as I rolled down my window when I pulled into the farm gates, my boy came running__ "That__was__awesome__Mom!" I was so glad. 

Men need time to be men, just as women need time to be women. 

I pray often that our boys would grow to be awesome godly men. Men who treat women the way that Christ treats His church. Men who are unapologetic about their manliness.  Men who lead through serving. Men who provide and protect in order to bless and not burden. Men who are the first to take responsibility when they've done something wrong. Men who know that consequences to poor actions make their souls stronger, not weaker. Men who willingly receive correction, and joyfully choose to learn from their mistakes. Men who think about others above themselves. Men who do whatever it takes to get the job done. Me who never give up. Men who love God above all things.

 I love the nights when the boys just get to be boys. This year was the first year that when I saw my boy running across the farm fields, and he looked a bit more like a man, than a boy.