Sunday, August 16, 2015

Our First Parade

A friend asked us last week if we'd like to drive our tractor in the Black Forest parade. Of course we said YES! So fun!           
Our "float" represented our church in the parade. WE put signs on our trailer and threw candy to the folks watching the parade. It was a total blast! Even Solomon did an awesome job sitting on the float the entire route.            

{A 4H club was behind us in line as we waited to start the parade. The kids got to pet the goats and we saw the absolute biggest rabbit I have EVER seen in my life.}

My dad and his wife rode with us and some friends from church. Sweet Mandy made all our signs.

{Oh man, "Big Baby" is getting bigger by the second.}

{Solomon was so hot riding down main street. He kept asking me to take his clothes off.}

Our first parade was a hit! :)