Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cooking With The Spunky Girl

I try to invite a kid to cook with me often. It's nice to have company in the kitchen and the kids love to help, especially if it means they get to sneak a few chocolate chips in the process.

Today it was the Spunky Girl's turn.

And she makes cooking way too fun.

She talks to you the WHOLE time.

She names the potatoes as she cuts them and comes up with a little show on the fly.

She sings while she does the dishes.

And she has to "taste" everything that passes through her little fingers, with her tongue. {Hence why I do not usually ask her to be my helper when we have guests over. :)}

{Meet "Larry," the star of her potato show this evening.}

Oh, and she can't make it through dinner prep without a snack. Today, she opted for a carrot. And she told me that she has to dip the carrot in a bowl of water after every bite so that the carrot doesn't dry out, because dried out carrots just taste bad. LOL. Love this girl.

After I took a picture of her eating her snack, she said to me, "Ok Mom, now it's my turn to take a picture of you and  "Big Baby" in the kitchen." {Big Baby is what she has affectionately named my belly these days.} She makes me laugh. :)

{Non-dry carrots for a snack. See the little green bowl next to her? You know, just in case your carrots get dry in between bites...}

{Me, and "Big Baby."}

{I have LOVED eating outside lately. It cools down here in the early afternoons and it feels so lovely in the shade of the trees.

On the menu tonight was a farmhouse favorite, Easy Chicken Cordon Bleu. It's super simple and seriously yummy.

And the Spunky Girl made dessert totally by herself. Baked Oatmeal Trailside Treats. She was pretty proud of herself. I was super proud of her too. :)