Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Last Artist Standing

I know very little about art. 
But her heart beats after art, so I'm trying to figure some stuff out.

This afternoon when we were gathering supplies the non-artistic kid informed me, "Even though I know God gave Halee the gift of art and not me, I still love when we do art together. It's the one subject where nobody cries."

These kids, they just tell it like it is. He's so right__ it's one of the few subjects where nobody cries. :) 

He's also right that his sister is the kid who soaks up all things art. She's detail oriented and determined to make each project a masterpiece.

And although she's usually the last artist standing, that gorgeous smile of hers stays plastered on her face till the very last brush stroke. 

Today's project: Monet's Bridge Over A Pond Of Water Lilies 
There's a simple, yet detailed tutorial here. 
The two little boys happened to be napping today while we did this project which was kind of nice because it allowed me to sit in my rocking chair and watch most of the time as the older kids could do 99% of the project on their own. 


{Last artist standing... The others had already finished their paintings and cleaned up their mess. She just kept plugging away and taking her time, carefully choosing every color and pattern in which she placed the color.}