Saturday, July 4, 2015

Camping With The Birthday Girl

My Spunky Girl turned 7 this week. 

She's my party planner. She had a full list of all that she wanted me to bring on her camping trip in order to be perfectly stocked for her birthday__

Blueberry muffins for breakfast, a box of fruit snacks to share with her friends at the beach, and a peach pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

I love this girl.

This girl is everything that I am not. 

She's bold and hilarious. 

She's full of creativity and ideas. 

I love her big brown eyes and lightly freckled face. 

She has a sad face that will melt your heart every time. 

She loves fashion and frill and sparkles__The more accessories, the better. 

She loves God. 

She's the kindest of sisters. 

She has a crazy love for Tic Tacs.

She has the best imagination. 

She's always eager to help__ especially in the kitchen. 


We camp in a lot of the same places each summer. Each year certain things change and other things stay the same. This year it was so fun for me with my older three kiddos. At night we would put the little boys in bed and then the four of us would play UNO until the sun went down. I used to play UNO with my mom into the wee hours of the morning and it is becoming a sweet tradition with my kids now. 

I love the days when we camp. I love riding bikes and playing at the beach and eating way to much junk food. 

I don't like the nights. I'm a Mama and I hear everything, especially when all seven of us are in a tiny trailer together. The first morning the baby woke up at 4:45. I took him outside because I didn't want everyone else up at 4:45. 

At 5:15 it started to rain. 


I just threw him and his sister who had gotten up @ 5:00 into the van and we found ourselves a Starbucks a few miles up the road__ that's one of the benefits of finding a gem of a campground located in the middle of the city I guess. :) 

My older kids have become so self-sufficient. They carry things to and from the beach. They make their own lunches, pack their own clothes, keep track of their own stuff. 

We still have one in diapers and still find ourselves doing the baby thing, but I don't mind in the slightest. These days will be over before we know it and we'll be bored.

Camping on the Spunky Girl's birthday was a blast. 

The Spunky One__

She's absolutely FULL of life. 

She has been my joy sine the day she was born and I can hardly believe that she is already seven. 

I'm so glad she's mine.