Sunday, May 3, 2015

4H & Hal's First Cake

We joined 4H not to long ago. My Hal is doing crochet and cake decorating. My Siah is doing archery. He's been working hard on his online hunter's safety course while my Hal and I have been creating edible masterpieces in the kitchen.

Today Hal made her very first cake, all by herself.

She wanted to make a lemon cake with raspberries and a cream cheese frosting.

I'm not sure what happened, but the frosting was kinda runny and not stiff like it should have been. We'll have to work on that {weak smile}.

But when we tasted it, it tasted like the most delicious raspberry lemonade on the planet. So now she has affectionately named it, Raspberry Lemonade.

For the girl's first cake ever, I really think she did an awesome job.

Way to go Hal-Belle! You're gonna be a professional cake decorator before you know it! :)