Wednesday, April 29, 2015

He's TEN!!!

Ten years can go by faster than you think. 
I never could have imagined what an awesome kid you would be. 
You're diligent in all that you do. 
You're a hard worker.
You're responsible beyond your years.
You're kind, others-minded, generous, & thoughtful.
You go out of your way to be helpful to me, to serve your sisters and brothers, to bless your Papa.
You've got skills. Awesome skills. 
There aren't many ten years olds I know who build their own tree houses, fix their own quads, take care of farm animals every morning, and take responsibility to complete all their school work before noon on most days. 
You're creative and wise beyond your years. 
You love the Lord with all your heart, soul, & mind and you have a great passion for His Word. I love that. :)

Siah-Love__ you are one cool kid. If you're this cool when you're ten, I can't even imagine how awesome you're going to be when you're a grown man with your own family some day. 

This year we had your best friend's family over for dinner for your birthday. His birthday is just a few days before yours. He got a new motorcycle and you got a new quad and y'all built a track out in the field near the road. You raced each other for hours and the Papa's couldn't help but "borrow" your new bikes so they could get a little race in themselves. 

Birthdays on the farm make me smile! 
I love celebrating you sweet boy! 

You are so loved! 
Happy Happy Birthday.