Thursday, October 30, 2014

When We Laugh Long & Loud

The kids and I were at the park yesterday, soaking up the final days of this glorious fall weather, when I saw them sitting on a bench by the lake. I wish that I could have captured them with my lens but I didn't want to become the creepy picture lady, taking pictures of folks I've never met. So I texted you instead....

"I just saw an old couple sitting on a bench at the park. He had an amazing beard and a brown, old-man hat on his other wise bald head. Her boobs were hanging down to her knees and she had on a pair of wool, knee-high socks, and she was a bit plump. He had one hand on her leg and was holding an awesome looking cane in the other hand. And I was just thinking how I hope that this is us in 30 years."

After dinner you and I sat on the couch and it's funny how funny some of the things you can find on the internet are these days... especially pictures of happy old people... And you and I we sat on that couch and we were laughing so hard that our kids started laughing too... they had no idea what was so funny. 

Sometimes when you have many small children, you do a lot of the day-to-day and you forget how great it is to laugh with the one that you love.

I love laughing with you. 

I love the way you laugh when you're laughing so hard you can barely breath. That, deep belly laugh that you have... it's one of my favorite things. 

{Siah said there are hardly any pictures of his Mama and he asked for the camera... I gave it to him. He captured me using my "loud voice" trying to tell the Charmer to watch out for the swing that was about to hit him in the head. :)}

I love the days... we when laugh loud and long.