Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Great Pumpkin Carving

Nearly two years ago my dad came to live on the farm. It's been a gift having him so close. He lives life with the Cowboy and I and he goes out of his way to create fun memories with our kids. He's been putting "mystery" letters and treats in the mailbox  that Siah built and put out front of his fort. He told the kids that he has no idea who might be putting the notes in the mailbox... they believed him... and now they are truly stumped on who the mystery mailman might be. I love the memories he makes with them. 

Each year since he moved in across the farm he's bought the kids pumpkins and carved them with them. I love that too. It was gorgeous outside today and we all had a blast carving and drinking McDonald's sweet tea on the front porch. 

And the girls and I might have made some delicious caramel apple bars to make our afternoon extra sweet. :)

Happy Fall y'all!