Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dinner For Ten

Some anniversaries call for a weekend away, a dinner for two out on the town, a change of pace...

And some anniversaries just beg to soak up the ordinary.

One of the greatest gifts that our 14 years of marriage has brought is our five amazing children.

This anniversary was spent at home, in the loud joy of our full, little farmhouse. 

After our daily lessons were complete the kids helped me set up the sun room for a romantic dinner for ten. Every other Tuesday our friend Sabrina comes for dinner. Her husband is deployed and it's been such a treat for our family to have her and her kids become a part of our family. I didn't tell her it was our anniversary because I knew if she knew, she wouldn't come over. But the Cowboy and I LOVE opening our home and it just might have been one of my favorite anniversaries. 

After the kids were in bed the Cowboy asked me in the dark of our room if I had a good day. I was grinning from ear to ear when I told him that I loved the lights above the table, the kids that filled the benches, the spaghetti that filled their tummies, the salad that was grown in our own garden, him sitting next to me. He started laughing. "It's the little things that make you glow, huh?"

And it's true I suppose...

{The Spunky Girl loves to tuck in her shirt... It always makes me think of my Mom. She always wanted me to tuck in my shirt, but I was never interested. My mom would have loved my Spunky Girl. Not because of her tucked in shirt, but because she's spunky and she's fun and she's lovely and she lives loved. :)}

{Loving my days with these five truly amazing gifts... Solo just wants to walk everywhere!}

At the farm table the Charmer informed us all that he was unable to eat his dinner because he was full from the grass he had eaten earlier that day. He had said he just thought it would taste good. It made me laugh.

The girls helped me write qualities we loved about their Papa on paper signs that we hung up in the sun room for decoration.

My Spunky Girl cared for her little brother while I chopped the lettuce for the salad. 

My Siah prayed for the meal and thanked the Lord for his Papa and Mama and their 14 years of marriage. As he prayed I thanked the Lord too, for my boys and my girls, and my man. 

Sometimes the ordinary days are anything but ordinary. 

One happy happy day in the farmhouse.

A Card from the Cowboy... He often gives me cards that make me smile.