Friday, June 20, 2014

The Birthday

The three oldest brought me breakfast in bed this morning. 
My boy made me french toast.
The Dancing girl scrambled some eggs.
And that Spunky One, she cut the stems off the strawberries all by herself.
They had saved up $14 and each bought me a card with a flower on it and a stash of all my favorite candies.
It's a sweet way to wake up on your birthday. 

My Charmer drew me a picture and hugged me every fifteen minutes, along with an "I love you Mommy. Happy Birthday."

And my Joey,
He took me out to dinner,
 and bought me a new dress.
He brought me flowers,
and kissed my forehead each time he passed me in the hall.
He took me for a ride around the farm in his new golf cart... 
the one he traded the old yellow motorcycle for yesterday.
And we chatted long after the kids went to bed.

And these dear friends of mine;
One brought Panera for lunch,
and made me a fruit pizza...
I might have had more than a few pieces {weak smile}.
She sat with me on the porch and caught me up on her heart,
and listened long to mine.
Another brought gorgeous flowers.
I love flowers.

Loved this day.