Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer And A Steadfast Man

We're back at the farm.
Father's Day was spent doing chores, mowing fields, folding laundry.
We had a cookout with my dad, ate steak and potatoes, and chatted on the porch for a few hours.
It was nice.

We've been reading with the kids around the fire pit at night.
When the kids go off to bed, the Cowboy and I chat long out on those old log stumps. 
I love the nights when he talks and talks and talks {he's not always a big talker}. I just like knowing all the things going on in that heart of his.

One of the things that I admire most about my Joey is that he is so unswayed by the world. People's words, the media, opinions, the way we live and the way others choose to live, it doesn't phase him. He's steadfast and confident in the way he leads our family, in the choices we've made, in the way we lean into our Savior. He steady's me without even trying.

He's performing his first wedding next weekend for some precious friends of ours and I have been thinking a lot about marriage and a man and a woman and what each can bring to the table. 

A man that leads well,that shepherds a woman's soul and stands confident in all that the Lord has given him the privilege to do, the woman flourishes. 

When a man leads well, the woman finds her strengths and uses them for the glory of God. 

When a man leads well, a woman feels beautiful clothed in her bright red stretch marks. 
When a man gently carries her soul he enables her to soar.

When a man leads well, submission is a natural response. 
Because when a man leads well, submission is really defined as rest...
Resting in a place where we as women can be real and vulnerable and find encouragement and extravagant love. 

That's the way Jesus leads His church.
And that is the call upon a man to lead his wife.
To love her well.
In kindness.
Being steadfast.
Continually seeing in the woman all the intricate beauty that the Lord prepared specifically for  him since before even time began.

When a man leads well, a woman lives loved. 

The Cowboy and I sat around the fire, the sun set over the mountains.
And this woman, went off to bed thanking the Lord that she is loved well, and led well, by a steadfast man.