Sunday, June 8, 2014

Crazy Beautiful

We just might be crazy people.
There were 24 hours in the van with two families; 4 adults and 8 kiddos.
There were 2 babies. They triggered each other. One would cry, then stop. Then the other would cry, then stop. 
There was screaming and throw up. 
Yep, throw up, every twenty minutes or so. :)
Fifteen hours into the drive and the Mamas had their pillows over their heads and the delicious chocolate covered blueberries and jerky were no longer helping the situation like they had been for the first 10 hours or so...
It was long.
It was loud.
Then it was over...

Because we arrived.

Here, to this beautiful place. 
It's kind of like that perfect bed and breakfast that you spend hours scouring the internet for but rarely ever find. 
The hospitality is warming. 
The food is to die for. 
The people are beyond kind.

There's a dairy farm right across the street and a bridge that's just perfect for fishing just up the gravel road.
The weather is just right; warm, with a light breeze.
The farmhouse is surrounded by green... lots and lots of green. 

The kids have spent the days in the pool... There's a story about the pool... A story about the Mama and the pool and being brave... I'll tell that story later. 
But for now, we're here.
And it's been lovely.
Truly lovely.

And my handsome little man... He's just sooo... Handsome. 

Such kind friends to invite us to your childhood home.
To welcome us into the joy of your family.
We feel at home here. 
Thank you.