Thursday, April 10, 2014

Almost There

We're almost there. 
We're in our final weeks of study here at the one room school house. 
I can hardly contain myself. I think I might look forward to summer even more than my kids do. 

There have been glimpses of summer's hope, summer's warmth, summer's sheer glory... but only glimpses... glimpses followed by crazy snow storms and the Mama ending up stuck on the side of the road, finding herself being pulled out of a ditch by some very kind fire fighters... TWICE in one day. 

Have I mentioned that I'm so ready for summer???? 
Heat and sunshine and Popsicles and no agenda and sprinklers... and heat and sunshine! Oh the joy! 

But for now, we are still plugging through these final weeks.

All the treasures have their favorite spots around the farmhouse, the places they like to tuck themselves into... spots where they get lost in a good book... spots where they explore history... spots where they repeat phonograms over and over and over again until they find themselves saying them in their sleep.

And today we did PE outside. It snowed all day Monday, but it was a glorious 70 degrees today so we soaked_it_up! All the kids did "Mama's daily workout" with me and then we all road bikes for nearly an hour. Even the Mama road her bike. And it was a blast!! I don't know why I don't do these kinds of things more often. Racing the kids down the dirt hill to the barn, the most gigantic smile ever plastered on my face. It's true, one can not help themselves from smiling when riding a bike fast down a long, dirt hill. Try it. I promise you won't be disappointed. :) 

We had lunch on the lawn and listened to "Put Your Records On" by Corrine Bailey Ray on repeat. We swung on the tire swing, and got watermelon stains on the fronts of our shirts.

Most days at the farmhouse are this simple.
We don't go a lot of places.
We have very few commitments outside the farm gates.
I'm thankful for this.
Us, together.
Learning. Riding bikes. Doing jumping jacks.Teaching the kids how to scramble their own eggs and slice up a cantaloupe all by themselves.
It's good stuff.

We're nearing the end of another school year, and I am ONE HAPPY MAMA. :) 

Hooray for summer! :)