Wednesday, April 9, 2014

8 Months

The littlest man is more than half way to a year!

Man, those pudgy toes and those big brown eyes!! I LOVE THEM! :)

Sometimes I call him Solamoo... but most of the time we all still call him Solomon.

He's still serious, but he can laugh like crazy when the girls start hitting balloons around the living room.

He's a Mama's boy... and this Mama LOVES it. (It's strange how things change with each kid. I put Siah and Hal in the nursery at church no_matter_what. Little Solomon started to whimper when I droped him off in the nursery at church and I just packed up his stuff and took him with me into the service. I've turned into a softy and I'm not anywhere near being sad about it. :)

The little guy has TWO teeth now.

He rolls all over the living room.

He hates baby food, so I just give him little pieces of whatever we are eating. He loves graham crackers. He can down two or three whole graham crackers in five minutes flat.  He chokes sometimes, but ya know, he's figuring it out. :)

The other kids didn't get ANY sugar until their first birthday when we gave them cake. And Solomon, well, let's just say that's not the case. He's had ice cream and whipped cream, and maybe a cookie or two.

I'm looking forward to the little guy crawling sometime soon.

His siblings are all in love with our Solomon. I love watching their hearts grow in servitude as they love on their little brother all day long.

 Solomon Jude... sweet as pie.