Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Spunky One

She's still as spunky as ever, this little one.

She loves marshmallows & movies.

When it's cold outside, she's convinced that all anyone needs is a warm bath and a cup of hot cocoa. Truth be told, even when it's not cold out she's convinced that hot cocoa makes all things great! She's joy-filled, she's obedient, she's gentle, loving and kind.

And when I asked her if she'd like to go to the theater to see Monster's Inc. on her birthday, she literally jumped up and down and cheered. And then she started making plans...

"Before the movie starts, can we go to the Kum&Go (A gas station by our house) and get a slurp (aka "slurpee" to most)? 

Can we eat popcorn while we're there? 

And for dinner... Mom, you know that place with the picture of the bell on it??"

"Taco Bell??"

"Ya, Taco Bell. Can we go there and get a soft taco for dinner?"

Taco Bell? Really?

Man, this girl is easy to please.

So we went to the movies and Taco Bell and the Kum & Go. And she had a little sleepover with one of her dearest little friends, Viv.

They dressed up like princesses and ate candy to their hearts content.


This girl of mine radiates joy. She's the one who wears her heart on her sleeve. I LOVE that about her. There is never any doubt as to what she is thinking or feeling. She'll let you know if the meal you made is good, if your bum is bigger than it was last week, if she wants Lucky Charms for dinner, or if she finds the book you're reading her boring. She jumps up and down when she's excited. She weeps elephant tears when she's sad. 

She lives in the moment, and can't think past the now. I can only give this girl one instruction at a a time, and she does so much better accomplishing tasks with a companion than she does when she tries to go it alone.

She makes this farm house FUN. 

I truly can not believe that she is 5-years-old. 

Happy Happy Birthday Spunky One. 

Man, how I love you! :)