Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th of July

We were all set to camp in Estes Park this 4th of July. But after the fires and camping for nearly a week then, this Mama was camped out. So we had a little shindig at the farm and it was a total blast!

We woke the treasures up that morning and put a few red ribbons in the girl's hair, and took them to our small town parade. We ate McDonalds in the back of  the pickup truck and real tear just might have slide down my check when I opened the bag and saw that they had forgotten my hash brown. (What? Now, I'm crying about hash browns? I think I'm a little DONE being pregnant and CRAZY. LOL. :)

Anywho, the parade was lovely. And at the end the fire fighters walked down the middle of the street in their full gear and every last person lining the streets stood up and clapped for five minutes straight. It was a moment of gratitude and pride that I'll hold onto for a long time. 

Back at the farm, the Cowboy and I are a stellar team and he got the outside ready and I got the farmhouse ready. A small bunch of sun flowers, some strawberry lemonade, a grill and a tractor... that's all that's needed to celebrate with friends all that's great about America. :)

Try wrangling 30 kiddos under the age of 10 and get them to play a few organized games???
The water balloon toss turned into a water balloon fight,
The three-legged race turned into a four-legged hop/run/skip/jump.

There was food to be had. 
New friends and old.
Hay Rides & Bike Rides.
Tire Swings.
Dogs & chairs, and dogs used as chairs...
Rocking Chairs.
Football in the dirt.

The Charmer's very own "American" Pie... :)

And a lot of good memories made. 
Happy 4th of July from our little farm to yours!