Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rodeo Days

I love this picture.
It's how it really is.
It was too sunny.
Siah tried to be a good brother and "hold" Hal's eyes open for her since she was having a little trouble.
The Spunky Girl just kept repeating, "I can't see. I can't see. I can't see."
And the Charmer, he must have magic eyes, because he had no trouble at all looking at me and saying "cheese" until his heart's content. 

I love these kids.

The day the Rodeo comes to town is one of the best days of the year on the farm. 
Everyone gets all fired up. 
The girls plan their outfits and we scour the farmhouse looking for enough Cowboy hats for everyone in the fam to wear.

We go to Rudy's before the show and eat some of the best BBQ around. 
The thing I love most about the Rodeo is that it just might be one of the last American sporting events that puts God front and center. They always open with a prayer and everyone in the stands cheers when the announcer reminds us all that what America needs is Jesus. 

My Dad sits in the row behind us with all the kids and I love looking back every once in a while and seeing him laughing at all the announcers jokes. 

Have I mentioned lately that I'm pregnant... REALLY pregnant?
The kiddos kept dropping their hats and stuff on the floor and me bending to pick it all up... well, let's just say it was all a little humorous. LOL. :)

The Dancing Girl LIGHTS up whenever the "Cowgirl Of The West" Enters the arena on her horse. She watches the Cowgirl, and I watch her. I love to see my Hal glow like that. :)

I love Rodeo Days...
Cuz what can be sweeter than a bunch of farm kids cheering at a little cow roping, a family sharing a glorious funnel cake, & a bunch of Cowboys providing a lovely night of family fun??

Not a lotta! :)