Friday, June 28, 2013

The Birthday

Birthdays are lovely in this place. 
My birthday seemed to last for a week this year and I just kept on feeling blessed!
I woke up to strawberry waffles. 
And I drank a Sonic Watermelon Cream Slush while I got a pedicure with two of my most dear friends.  
That night we had a picnic and ate carrot cake at the park with our small group.

Then over the weekend, the Cowboy blessed my socks off and replaced the floors in our kitchen and dining room. And to top it all off, we spent Sunday afternoon up in Denver with two of my favorite couples in the world, eating dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. It was lovely, just lovely!

My sweet Grandma blessed me with this scripture decal for my wall...

And as for our floors... I saw these on Pinterest awhile back and showed them to the Cowboy. I'm not sure if he loved them immediately like I did, but he must have liked them enough because now they're in our kitchen. :)

What our kitchen looked like before....

He ripped out all the old floors...

 and he cut each plank for the new floors... and nailed each plank in with a hammer. 

The new Farmhouse floors.....!!!!


Have I mentioned that I just LOVE THEM!!!!!  Blessed, I tell ya! I just feel so blessed. :) 

Thanks to all y'all who made this birthday so sweet! :)