Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer In This Place

Summer in this place...

Eating cherries on the porch.

Rides around the farm with Gramps and his "Rhino".

Little girls changing clothes a dozen times a day.

Kid faces covered in dirt.

Catching kittens in the stable.

Lying on the trampoline looking up at the clouds.

Forts and sleepovers.

Ice cream in the freezer.

Piles of fresh fruits and veggies available for the taking, left out on the farm table.

Long days, staying up late, sleeping in.

Books. Reading lots of good books.

Never ending lists of projects.

Mowing, mowing, and more mowing.

Peach Cobbler.

Long afternoon naps under the ceiling fan in the family room.

Morning sunshine flooding the farmhouse with patches of light.

Afternoon showers watering the vegetable garden.

Watermelon. Cherries. Oh how I love cherries!

Everything's fresh in summer.


Eager helpers.

Laughing Treasures.

Blueberry pancakes with whipped cream on Sunday mornings.

A Cowboy and his wife in their rocking chairs on the front porch.

I love this little farm in summer...