Monday, April 22, 2013

Just Random Stuff

I'm not even sure where to start these days. So much happening at the farm house is glorious and good, and yet, at the very same moment, there is so much that stings and humbles.

We could start with this morning... I had this brilliant idea to potty train the little Charmer. After spending three hours in or near the bathroom, with 15 accidents and not a single success, we put his diaper back on and sat down together in the living room and ate the entire bowl of candy that I had filled earlier this morning in hopes of inspiring that Charmer to pee in the potty.  Oh yes we did. :) 

What I wanna know is why I care so much about the fact that I failed to get my son to pee in a porcelan bowl this morning? So what if it takes him more time? So what if he's nothing at all like the others under this roof? So what, is what I should be saying. But instead I'm standing in a puddle of pee in the kitchen and I'm getting all worked up at the fact that I simply cannot make this little one do what I want him to do, when I want him to do it. (And I can just hear all you more experienced Mama's chuckling at me, and maybe wondering when this Mama just might come to truly understand that control goes out the window when one becomes a Mama?  Maybe someday I'll get it? :)

I'm Humbled.

And also refreshed. 

Refreshed that I don't have to control him... that that's not my even part of my job as Mama. I simply have to guide and  instruct, consistently and with much love. 

So, we'll try again in a little while. And we'll have faith that he won't be 18 and unable to go potty in the big boy potty. :)

Here he is, soo happy to be back in his diaper and cowboy boots...
Is he not the whitest kid you've ever seen?? Where are his Mama's Mexican genes?? :)

In other news, our friends across the farm moved to town this past weekend. I've known for awhile that it was coming, that the change was inevitable. But it's almost surreal that they are no longer a stone's throw away. And as much as there are moments when the thought of such change stings so deep, I feel so grateful that we are all in the palm of His mighty hand and that all the details that have come together in the past six months have been anything but coincidence. 

So who moved in across the farm??

My precious Dad. :) 

We've had the blessing of him living with us the past six months and now that's another thing that's been tugging on my heart strings as of late. He's my Dad, and he's a grown man, more than capable of doing his thing and taking care of himself... But I have so enjoyed his time in our home. I've been so thankful for his help and his friendship, his conversation, and simply the gift of doing life together. And even though he's only a few hundred feet away, yesterday was a bit emotional for me when he came over to say good night and left for his own place. Granted, I am so pregnant and everything just might make me cry... but even so. :) Sure do love my Dad. :)

And in the midst of all the change and pee on the floor, my Cowboy has been slowly turning our farm house into a farm Home. With his own hands he's been changing things out and fixing things up. Here's a little sneak peek at the farm house kitchen...





Yesterday I got to spend the afternoon with the Spunky Girl. The Cowboy and the older kids went hiking to celebrate one amazing little boy's birthday (Happy bday Cam!!), and the Charmer took a long afternoon nap... So that Spunky little gal and I did some yard work together and found Spring's first batch of kittens in the stable across from the farm house. There were four this time but one died right away. The three that are left are cute as can be and they will be in a nice card board box out front of Walmart with a lovely sign that reads, FREE KITTENS, in about 8 short weeks if we don't find any takers sooner. :) I get a little anxiety at the thought of becoming the crazy cat lady. LOL. But for now, we are soaking them up and I love that Spring really does bring about new life in this place. :)

I think all our hard work tuckered her out... :)

Yesterday was glorious, and today the snow is back. It's Spring and it's snowing...AGAIN. 

I'm tempted to be grouchy. But my sweet Dancing Girl has convinced me to drink some hot chocolate and play some good old Connect Four with her in front of the fire instead. :) Love these treasures and am so thankful that they remind me to accept all that He gives with great JOY. :)