Monday, April 29, 2013

One Seriously Cool Kid

At the farm house birthdays are a big deal. 
It's not about any extravagant gifts, or gigantic parties, but as our treasures grow, the Cowboy and I want all of them to know that not a day goes by that we don't have tremendous gratitude in our hearts for their little lives.  Our treasures are precious gems, answers to prayer, tools that the Lord has given their Papa and I to help us grow up towards our Jesus. 
They are worth much celebration and every April and July the Cowboy and I can't wait to lavish intentional joy on all four of the amazing kids that live under this roof with us.

So what can I say about my Siah?? 
He just might be one of the coolest kids I know. 
He's not your typical 8 year old. He wears a cowboy hat everyday of his life, likes to work, follows all the rules & loves to be outside. He is the other half of my brain on most days, helping me remember everything I need when we leave the house. He's crazy responsible, knowing what he has to get done for school each day and doing most all of it on his own without my having to even remind. He's likes playing by himself just as much as with his siblings. He loves shooting guns and his bow and arrow, hiding out in the tree house, jumping on the trampoline, shoveling snow off the drive way, and chopping trees in the mini forest here on the farm. He has an endless amount of questions and I will admit that Siah and the Cowboy are like two peas in a pod in that department. They think alike and care about the same kind of stuff, and I love that about both of them. 

The day before his actual birthday, we had the privilege of surprising Siah with a camo-room and a surprise party with his three closest friends and their families. His friend Cam's birthday is just a few days before Siah's so we got to love on both of these amazing boys. We ate pizza and rode the tractor. Upon request, I made a giant chocolate chip cookie cake and homemade ice cream sandwiches... Oh, and this pregnant Mama just might of had two of those ice cream sandwiches. {smile!}

Since we moved out to the sticks a few years back , the Lord has provided some incredible friendships for our family. We met the Weavers through the kid's class day and their three oldest kids are the same ages as our three oldest. Their 5-year-old son Becket picked out Siah's gift all by himself... a Duck Dynasty poster and a bag of bloody fish bate... Come on now, that's hilarious and perfectly awesome! :) I loved it!



Siah's new Camo Room...

Siah and one of his best buddies, Cam...

Group hug.... :)

The Cowboy built this bed  for his boys....

The next morning was Siah's actual birthday and we had our usual birthday breakfast with our family and opened presents. Thanks to all the grandparents for blessing our Siah! He felt super loved! :)

It was a gorgeous sunny day and Si just wanted to hang out in his new camo room... fine by me... this Mama put on her extremely stylish maternity bathing suit and got a sun tan while reading a book in the yard. :) then I took a snooze on the couch. I couldn't really sleep cuz I kept hearing all four kids belly laughing up stairs. So I guess I spent the afternoon sleep-smiling... there's nothing better to waking up to the sound of treasures laughing all happy. :)

Then that night was one that I hope never to forget. 
My Siah, my Hal, my Dad, and I ALL got baptized together. I'm not even sure what to say...

There were 17 of us getting baptized.
My friend Heather who lost her husband this year in Afghanistan was there to baptize her son. To say that the Lord has lavished His strength on this woman... As I stood behind the baptism pool with my Joey and my Dad and my treasures waiting for our turn, I wept. 

I don't feel sorry for my friend, I admire her. 
I admire the way that the Lord consumes her. I admire the way that she moves forward each day into Him, knowing that He has been and always will be enough

And as she stood up there with her son, without her husband, I felt this intense love and pride for my friend. And even though I felt blessed beyond measure to have my Joey, my dad, and my kids with me as I got baptized yesterday, what I felt more than anything was a tremendous gratitude towards my Jesus for what He's willing to do in and through all of our lives. 
My Heather, He's made her brave, and He's constantly molding her into a woman who daily displays His splendor. And isn't that the GREATEST privilege?

Family and friends are an amazing gift, but Jesus Himself is the ultimate gift
It's not Joey who completes me, it's Christ. 
It's not Joey who sustains me, provides for me, or carries my heart the way it needs to be carried... It's my Jesus that does all the gentle heart work that needs doing in my life, all that my precious friend's heart needs. We can, and should come alongside each other, always, as we walk through this life. 
But I don't want to forget that Jesus is the one worthy of all my worship. 

It was a moment between my man and my dad that I will cherish in my heart for always. God is growing both of these men in mighty ways and I feel so privileged to walk alongside. :)

What better way to CELEBRATE than to watch your son & daughter & dad & self die to sin, and come up ALIVE in Christ! We are a bunch of sinful treasures living under this roof. But God is doing a mighty work in us all. He who has began a good work in us, IS faithful to complete it. 
I am so so thankful. 

Happy Happy Birthday to my Siah. That we have the privilege of walking through this life with you... I am bubbling over with gratitude! I love you little man, with all my heart! :)