Thursday, September 27, 2012

How They've Blessed Me Lately

<*>The Charmer currently walks around the house and says it like a broken record,
"I cute face! I cute face!"

His other currents phrases are,
"What tat fo?"
"Fo me??"
"I cute face!"
"I farted" (The older kids have been teaching him this one. He says it clear as day. They say it, he repeats it, and then there are four treasures laughing wildly on the floor. Wow, do we run a mature household here or what?)
"I eat brefas?"
And then again,
"I cute face."

<*> I just might have been a little flustered this morning because I couldn't get the fire started in the pellet stove and I couldn't figure out how to explain a plethora of things to my Siah while we were attempting to do school, and tears just might have made their way down my cheeks right there on the living room floor. (I know, wildly surprising... geezaloo! Maybe some day I won't cry so much?) And my Spunky Girl, she crawled up next to me and looked right into my eyes, "Mama, I'm gonna pray for you right now. I can see that you're sad. You need some Jesus help don't you?" And then she prayed over me a prayer that I'm confident I had no idea how to pray until I was at least 25 years old. This girl's got the Spirit in her. I'm sooo grateful!

<*>That same Spunky Girl can now spell her name all by herself! Woohoo!!

<*>The kids have been cracking me up with the funny things they say...
On our way to Costco Siah wants to know, "Is it a sin to roll down our windows?" {Smile}

Or my other favorite comment by the same curious mind,
"I can picture where we live, in my face, but I couldn't tell you how to get there." {Double smile; the thought that we might think with our faces instead of our minds... gotta love it... gotta love this kid! :)}

<*> The Dancing Girl is also known around here as the endless artist. I think we might go through at least 50 plain white sheets of paper a day with this girl. She draws me pictures to my heart's content. :)

<*> Today Siah asked me if I could get him an alarm clock. I asked why he wanted one.
"So that I can set it for 5:30."
I asked why on earth he'd want to get up at that crazy hour in the morning?
"So I can have time to read my Bible just like Papa does every morning."

Now I know I tear up at almost every thing, but come on, who wouldn't find tears of joy over a comment like that coming out of a son's mouth?

<*> He's given them all helpful hearts, a desire to obey, and a love for one another. Our life here is messy, but these four little folks bless me beyond measure. :)