Thursday, September 20, 2012

Date Night With A Side Of Farm Fresh Eggs

There's really no such thing as "Date Night" around here. It's more like a last minute call to the neighbors, and a stop-off at the Big R for some much needed chicken food before heading to Back-to-school night where the treasures take their classes.

Time alone in the car is the current qualification for a "date."

And then there are the occasional bonus's like actually getting to go into a burger joint and sit in a booth and indulge in  thirty minutes of uninterrupted adult conversation.

The Cowboy and I, we each had a burger and fries and we shared a banana dream shake and we chatted about important things like the prices of cows vs. yaks.

Yes, it's true. My sand-covered, barefoot, burrito days are over and now me and the man I love chat it up about cows while scarfing down two truly savory beef patties with a side of some of the best fries on the planet.

What has happened to my life?

Then on the way home he plugs Pandora into the speakers and I couldn't help but say it out loud,

"Who on earth is this?"

"Waylan Jennings."


"Waylan. Don't you know good-old Waylan?"

"No idea who Waylan is."

"This is good stuff, eh?"

"Good I guess if you're missing a few front teeth and use a a piece of straw for a toothpick."

He laughs and then says it with such confidence...

"You know you love it."

And I can't keep from smiling, cuz the crazy truth is that I do love it... or at the very least, I love the Cowboy who loves it. :)

Date night ended with a kiss... or two... and my heart on cloud nine simply because I got to be with  him. :)

{... And if you're wondering what came about from the cow conversation, we decided to see if we can keep the chickens alive through the winter before we venture into raising 300lb animals. :) }

In other news,
* If I haven't already said it enough, I'm married to the man! We no longer have a giant hole in our roof and my bathroom now has recessed lighting! Woohoo!

* We now have a plethora of chicken eggs! Double-Woohoo! If you live near the farm and would like to enjoy yourself some truly delicious, free range, farm fresh eggs, we are now selling them for the low low price of $2 a dozen. These are truly the best eggs that I have ever eaten! So get'em while they're hot! :)