Friday, September 28, 2012

Her, Triumphant

On a cool summer night in September she asked her Papa if he would teach her.

She put on the neighbor's helmet, the one that is three sizes too big for her head, and she threw her scrawny little leg confidently over that seat. It's the same bike that the two older ones started on not to long ago.

It didn't take long.

A little encouragement.

A whole family lined up along the dirt road, cheering out her name...


Then a  few falls.

And before she knew it....

She was off!!

Riding a bike, ALL BY HERSELF!

Her sister was so proud of her, she ran inside and "made" her, her very own trophy. (Who needs to fork out 80 bucks for Little League when you've got a sister who can whip you up a trophy in 5 minutes flat? :)


That we get to witness their joys...
What pure GIFT!