Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Love This Simple Country Life

We learned our lesson last year.
One event on a holiday is enough for this farm family.
And it all just seemed to work out this time around.

The parade was canceled due to the fires.

We had invited a few friends over...
Then it turned into more than a few friends...
And if you wanna know what really makes my heart happy,
it's a farm full of folks that I love. 

I'm so thankful for these fields,
for the kids that run in them, 
for the folks that laugh on this porch,
for the food that is enjoyed at this table,
for the encouragement that is given and received in conversation,
for chickens that are chased in this barn,
for little hands that love to help,
for prayers that are prayed here &
for memories that are made here.

I love this simple country life that He's given. 

Happy 4th of July.

It truly is a privilege to live life in this place, with these people, freely serving The One True God.