Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Note To Self This Forth Of July

We did the parade.
We did the church picnic.
We endured the heat.
We shuffled the kids around.
We made it through missed naps and fussy babies.
We ate good food and laughed with good friends.
We lit up sparklers on the driveway with dear neighbors.

But I think that my favorite part of the whole day just might have been in our very own living room.
Me sprawled out on the couch. My Joey lying long on the floor, his head propped up with a pillow. And all four treasures laughing and crawling all around, over us and under us and sometimes taking a breather right on top of us.
With the fan on high, and my hair still wet from a much needed shower, it was definitely the coolest moment in the day. :)

There is something about holidays that gets me all wrapped up in thinking that we have to go, go, go. Something in me convinces that a holiday just wouldn't be a holiday without an overload of memorable activities planned to enjoy.

But the trouble is, with many small children, less just might be more.

As we were driving to meet up with his parents for dinner, My Joey was suggesting that next year we pick one thing, and we build it up, soak it up, and live it up, rather than trying to do everything simply to be able to say that we did it. And even though in that moment I was still stuck in my hopes for the day, I knew he was right.

So this year I am writing a few little notes to myself...

Note to self: When children are small, simplify.

Note to self: Memories are best made when simply spending time together... even it's only on the couch, under the fan, surrounded by vibrant kids and giggles.

Note to self: These years are only the beginning of a life time of memories and family traditions... soak up these years slowly... no need to rush.

Note to self: Even when you over do it, and everyone's crying, and hot, and perpetually thirsty, and soo ready for the comfort and rest of home... Grace still brings joy.

In the midst of the chaos, we had a blast.