Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Granny & Gramps Came To Town

My parents came and hung out with the treasures while the Cowboy and I were at the Tough Mudder. And when we got back we had the blessing of of simply all being together. 

The kids learned how to get all the way across the monkey bars this week. 

We took walks on that long dirt road that encircles the farm... and we met up with some horses along the way.

Granny made a cake fit for a princess, and we had a little shindig for the two treasures who's birthdays are coming up in July. 

We spent that last night together diving through some beautiful back country and finding the perfect picnic spot by the river. 

We attempted a photo with Granny and Gramps and all the kiddos...
Well, you know how that goes. 
All I can say is, we captured all things "real."

Here are some of my favorites....

As you can tell, my little Charmer was ecstatic about having his picture taken. :)

It's so rare that I get pictures with just my dad and I...

There's nothing better than watching all that you love, walking joy-FULL down a long dirt road straight into the glory of summer.

Thanks G & G for coming and loving on all of us! We miss you already. :)