Sunday, June 17, 2012

For My Cowboy

It's Father's Day.

You're in California.

The treasures and I are here, holding down The Farm.

Wish you were here.

We talked about you at the breakfast table this morning... Talked about the millions of little things that you do to bless us all, all the time.

We had oatmeal with bananas and pecans and our Siah he reminded us that oatmeal is not "Papa" food. He said, "If Papa were here, we'd be having pancakes and sausage and some reeeeally cheezy eggs." He's right, ya know. :)

Each night that you've been gone I've watched the thunder storms roll in over the mountains. I've sat on the bench that you made, you know, the one that sits on the porch that you made?

I looked out at that glorious view and watched the sunsets.

I missed you being by my side.

I missed your jokes, even though I try so hard to pretend they're not funny, cuz half the time they're so inappropriate... but you're funny, and I like that about you. :)

I missed your touch. I'm not sure how anyone can be so terrible at giving back rubs, but you are, and you know it. I still think you do a terrible job on purpose, cuz somehow it always ends up being me rubbing your back, "showing" you how a back rub "should" be. {weak smile}. All the same, I still love your touch.

I miss... YOU!

Can't wait for you to crawl into bed next to me when you get home in the late hours tonight!

Kiss my forehead when you get home, will you?? :)


Each year on Father's day the kids tell me some things that they love about you,

So here we go...

You're big Siah-man...

"I love that he lets me help him."
"That he can fix a lot of things."
"That he lets me come with him to special places."
"That he builds fun things for us to play on, like our tree house. Oh, and, my bike track too."
"That he takes me to school in the morning."
"He makes money for us to have this nice warm house."

Tender-Hearted Hal...

"I like when he fixes my broken toys."
"I LOVE his special breakfasts that he makes us on Saturdays."
"He takes me to special places on my birthday."
"He takes us on fun trips."
"He takes care us when Mama's gone."
"My favorite book that he reads me is that "Cookie" book."
"He works so that we don't have to live on the streets."

The Spunky One...

"I love him fixing the movies when they pause."
"I love him to make pancakes."
"When he stays home and works in the school room."
"He can fix our lights when they are broken."
"I love him to... this is going to be a funny one... CUT UP A BANANA!" Then she laughs her silly fake laugh that we both love. :)
"I love him to fight bad guys."
"I love him."

 And of course, Our Tiny Charmer....

"Car! Tuck! Papa! Peese! 

He's full of words these days, but I am convinced that his favorite word is PAPA! :) 

Happy Papa's Day to the incredibly kind, godly, manly Cowboy that I love! :)