Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Simple, Savory, Summer

I have been trying to eat less refined sugar and processed food these days.

It's hard.

The change is slow.

But I am finding some favorites.

Breakfast is easy... eggs.

I love eggs.

Dice up some veggies real fine, add a little salsa, top it off with some avocado... 

FABULOUS, I tell ya! :)

I have also found a lovely site that anyone and everyone who might want some flavorful ideas for healthy eating should spend some time taking an afternoon stroll through. 

It's the same lovely place that I found the recipe for these surprisingly tasty muffins...

When lunch comes around, a summer salad usually sounds good to me. The lettuce in our garden has been growing like mad. :)  And maybe it's all in my head, but I'm convinced that our home-grown lettuce tastes soo much better than what we buy in the store. Mmmmmm! :)  
Mid-morning, I take my little, wooden bowl and  walk across the farm field to the garden and I pick my lunch right out of the ground. 

The spunky girl told me that I shouldn't eat stuff out of the ground. 
"Well, where do you think the lettuce that we buy in the store comes from?" I ask her  as she makes a distraught face at me.
"I don't know Mom, but I know it doesn't come from the ground." :)

And one more crazy simple trick that has not only been sweet on the tongue, but has also been keeping us cool on these gloriously hot summer days... 

Homemade Popsicles.

Three ingredients and a blender is all you really need.

{The Farm House Popsicle Recipe}

1 generous handful of frozen Mangos
1 generous handful of frozen Pineapple 

Toss in blender.

Pour in some fresh Coconut Milk until the fruit is covered.


Pour into these really fun Popsicle makers that are currently on sale at Walmart for $1. 

Wait patiently,

Then ENJOY! :)