Monday, June 11, 2012

Tough 2012

It's all about comradery...

It's about the way we come together to help others accomplish the impossible.

It's about the way we help those we've never even met.

And we pay all that money for him to do crazy things, because those who have fought for us, are worth every penny.

The Cowboy, he told my favorite story when we got home and were sitting on the couch. He was telling my parents (who so graciously watched the treasures for the weekend, THANK YOU!) how, for him, it's never really been about getting it done in four hours or less. 

Then he told them about Derrick... the guy in their time slot with the prosthetic leg. They were headed straight up the mountain, and these men whom he had never even met, were taking turns lifting derrick up the mountain... STRAIGHT UP the mountain. 

And as they were nearing the top,  these F-16's flew right over them and tipped their wings.

It was one of those moments of intense pride, you know, the kind where no matter how manly you might be, you still get a tear in your eye.

The Tough Mudder... probably the toughest event on the planet...

I love this man of mine. 

I love how brave he is.

I love the way fear is never an issue with him.

I love how he's able to find enough breath to laugh, after climbing out of a pool of ICE.

I love the way he chooses to stick with his friend when his friend's legs are cramping up. 

I love the way he cares more for others than for self. 

I love the way he lives godly compassion with his actions and not just his words. 

I love way he pulls me close, even when he's dripping sweat and mud.

I love that smile and those broad shoulders, skin to skin with mine.

I love how he never quits.

I love... him.

And I'm so proud of all the things he accomplished this weekend.