Monday, April 9, 2012

The Farm Is Growing

Our little farm is growing...

We now have,
4 Treasures...
2 Cats...
1 dog....

10 Chicks! 

And the total truth is that I LOVE them.

I have no idea what has come over me, but I love these chicks.

Last Friday, the Cowboy had off work and we took the crew out to the Big R (A local farmer's paradise :). We went to buy seeds and dirt, and ended up with these ten gems.

There was a lovely woman there who spent the afternoon educating our little family on how to care for chicks.

We had to get raw and real right from the start.

Who knew that when pieces of shavings get stuck to a chick's little bum, it can prevent them from being able to go potty and they can get so stopped up so quickly that they can die. So part of our daily duties with our new chickens involves "bum checks". The kids (and the Mama and Papa), think the whole thing is quite hilarious. :)

Bet ya never knew that chicks could be cannibals too? That's why we bought the red light and not the white. If one of the chicks gets a cut or a scratch, the other chicks start to peck at the wound and eventually end up mutilating and eating the injured chick. YUCK!

Other than the bum and cannibal issues, these chicks are the easiest pets EVER. Literally, they just hang out. They should be full size in 6-8 weeks and giving us farm fresh eggs in as little as four months.

I love this whole new world that we are all finding here on the Farm.

I'm loving learning to love all things new. :)
He's teaching me to jump into the joy of all that He gives,
and I'm finding that the journey, though unexpected, is actually  way lovelier than I could have ever mustered up on my own.