Monday, April 9, 2012

A Messy-Beautiful Resurrection Day

It started out a little hairy...

On Easter morning the Cowboy left early in his new (rather old) pick-up that we drove out to Franktown the night before to get.

It wasn't long before he called and said he was on his way home...
The truck wasn't working right.

I got the kids ready right quick and all six of us drove together to the early service. 
That's when it all seemed to go down hill. 

I understand.
The Cowboy, thinking about money and how much it's gonna cost to get the pick-up running again.
I know how large crowds aren't the Cowboy's favorite thing and I understand how the thought of the afternoon's festivities and  all those people can overwhelm. 
I totally wanna snap too, when one of the treasures spews out the fifteenth complaint of the morning, complaining can just irritate in the pit.
I understand.

But wasn't it supposed to be the Lord's day? 
Weren't we all supposed to be overflowing with joy because of what He did up there on that cross?
Weren't we supposed to be down right happy at the glorious news that He's no longer dead, but surely ALIVE?

And us, we were driving down that long country road, a whopping grouchy mess.

The whole car got silent and I choked out my disappointment in tears. The complaining son and the Cowboy, they made it right. 

The day went on.

We did church, and an afternoon of friends, amazing food, stories of HIM and how He's our greatest treasure, a gargantuous egg hunt, and a whole lot of joy.

Sometimes we just forget to see like HE sees. The broken pick-up, the complaining child and the afternoon crowds can all be a bummer, but there is always the other side, if only we chose to see it. 
We have a another working car.
We have these amazing friends that love Christ and love us and it's more than a gift to live life with these folks.

Resurrection Day was over and  we put the kids to bed and the Cowboy and I end up on the couch, together, smiling.

"It'll all work out." he threw it out there.
"It's messy, and unknown. It wasn't the plan" I empathize.
"We've done way messier," he leans in and kisses my forehead. "We have the Lord, and all that's HE's done for us. With Him we can do any kind of messy."

Sometimes the messy is exactly what we need, to walk right into HIM... 

Our sweet Jed... he was quite the mess at the end of all things Easter..

This picture of Reesie (below) just made me laugh and laugh... :)

The messy-beautiful of us... a sweet reminder of just why  Easter happens to be the best holiday of the year. :)