Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Celebrating Hal

It's a rarity that it's just him and I and her.

Birthdays have always been a big deal around here. After we lost the boys, I always wanted to have a huge celebration every year to tell my treasures and everyone I know, how incredibly blessed and thankful I am for each one of these little people living under this farmhouse roof. 

Each of them are PURE gift and I want them to know it. 

But the treasures are growing up. 

Things are changing around here and they have things that they're passionate about, things that they want to do that don't involve our whole amazingly, lovely, little world of friends.

So this year, something more intimate... Something special just for the three of us. 

And even though we didn't have a giant hoop-la, our family and friends still came together this birthday to make it extra special for our Halee-girl, just in a different way. 

Everyone pitched in, in some way or another, and we took our little Hal up to the American Girl Store in Denver. 

It was kind of strange just having one of our treasures... way quieter than our lives usually are... especially because she just happens to be the quietest treasure of them all. 

But she was glowing the ENTIRE day. And I felt so grateful to bless her with the very thing that we had told her she couldn't have because it was too expensive. (THANK YOU to all who went out of their way to make this day special.:)

It makes my insides radiate joy when we're able to give good gifts to our kids. 

How much more must HE delight in giving good gifts to HIS treasures? What a heart-happy thought??
He's always showing me HIS great love for us all, as we grow up together with these amazing kids... four gifts that light up my life, daily, hourly! :)

Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet, Halee-girl!