Friday, March 23, 2012

The Oil Of Joy

I know sometimes it's hard to find joy. 

I know because I've lost, hard.
I know because I think on this friend of mine day and night, the one who's daughter is always in pain and the it just won't let up.
I know because of the text I got on a Tuesday, the one that begged for prayers because it is just so much easier to fall into bitterness sometimes, than it is to find joy. 

My parents are in town this week. 

And everything in me wants to be with them and the treasures, making memories, and just spending time.

But instead, I'm sick in my bed with all sorts of who knows what. 

Lord, I need a little joy reminder.
I'm laying here thinking about these amazing, godly women that I know, these women that are hurting.

And I want to encourage their hearts, but I know that my words can sometimes be empty when the fight is so intense and joy seems so far away. 

I'm in my bed and I open The Word, the place of NO empty words, and hours pass and I find all this joy-glory all over the pages! 

His Word is seriously great!

Did you know that HE "clothes you with His joy?" Psalm 30:11... Clothes you! How sweet is that? 

Did you know that He ALONE, can complete our joy? John 15:11 Nothing outside of what He gives can bring us that deep, soul-saturated joy... NOTHING!

Did you know that joy always comes in the morning? That our deepest sorrows are only but a moment? Psalm 30:5

And my absolute favorite find came from the author of Hebrews who asked that the Lord would "anoint them with the oil of joy? Hebrews 1:9

How amazingly wonderful is that??? The OIL OF JOY!!! And so I've been praying fervently, not only over the ones that I love, but over myself.

It has been this constant stream off my lips. 

When I feel the urge to be grouchy, I just whisper it out loud, "Lord, anoint me with the OIL OF JOY!"

Who wouldn't want that???

May I live COVERED in that amazing joy oil... :)