Sunday, March 25, 2012

Family & Easter & Fun

  Some of the things that I love about Granny are how she loves on my kids, how intentional she is with them, and how she shares the love of Jesus with them in everyday conversation.

She's a great Granny. She's creative. She's fun.


And this week she took the treasures on a colorful journey into this glorious season of Easter.

With a few dozen eggs, some dye, and a wee bit of creativity, she walked our kids through The Word and showed them the joy of it all.

It's an easy activity for the whole family.

Start with a black egg.
Black: Sin. All people have sinned and are separated from God. 

 Red Comes next.
Red: Blood of Jesus and Jesus taking the punishment for our sins, paying the price.

Then White.
White: Jesus conquered death by rising from the dead and because of this has provided forgiveness of sins, purity, justification.

Green: Growth in our relationship with God through reading the Bible, praying, fellowship, and singing songs of worship. Santification.

Purple: Royal color representing Jesus. He has ascended to Heaven and will return for His church.

Bringing us home is Gold.
The pearls represent the pearly gates of Heaven, and the gold represents the gold streets of Heaven.

 Now hide your masterpiece eggs and let the treasures seek Him with hilariously happy joy!
 So fun!
Thanks Granny. :)

We've also been learning the Roman's Road around here. Not to long ago at church the question was thrown out there, "How would you lead someone to Christ?

And of course I should know this, right? But it kinda caught me off guard.

I've been taught the Roman's Road but to be honest I couldn't remember most of the verses off the top of my head. So as I was thinking through what the treasures and I might tackle next in the scripture memory department, the Romans Road seemed perfect... Not to mention that it's perfect during this lovely Easter season as together we think upon all that Christ has done for us.

Then to make it even more fun, My AMAZING friend Tara made me these little wallet size cards with each verse on the Road. My kids love having their own cards, and the older two can read them by themselves. It's been such a treat to see them practicing scripture on their own time, simply because they want to. :)

If you would like to get in on these awesome cards, check out her website. She offers tons of scripture cards and personalizes them for YOUR treasures. I have been blessed beyond measure by the talent that the Lord has given my friend. (These specific cards are not on her site, but that's the sweetest part about her little shop. If the Lord lays specific scripture on your heart I know that my lovely friend would be more than happy to customize any sort of card for you. :)

And before I sign off for tonight, I wanted to share the treasures final creations.
At the end of the colorful egg journey, Granny let all the kids decorate an egg however they wanted.

If you wanna know my kid's personalities, just check out their egg.

This is Siah's.

All His decor is in a straight line.
He is orderly to the max!

This is The Dancing Girl's....

See all the drawings and writing.
She's my artist.

And this.....
Wait for it.....

Is the Spunky girl's.

Pretty spunky, eh? :)


He's bringing us further into Himself this Easter season.
And life can't get much sweeter than that! :)