Thursday, November 10, 2011

Treasure Joy {And One Magical Tent}

I never thought I'd find myself saying this, but there is deifinitely something magical about waking up to a blanket of snow outside one's windows. Something childlike, innocent, and captivating about the treasures discovering a winter wonderland just footsteps beyond their own front porch. Those smiles. That snow coming down and those curious eyes looking up...

So we made the most lovely tent, gathered the pillows and picked out the best books.

The dancing girl has needed a bit of encouragement in the fine motor department.

She's spent days cutting out stars, lots and lots of stars. We hung some in our tent.

Then we all climbed in and read for hours.


The spunky girl drew a picture of me today...

"Look Mom, don't you look so beautiful???"

"Wow! I look gorgeous!" :)


And this squishy-cuteness....


Wanna see??? :)

Ok, you just can't get much cuter than that!

These kids bless me.

Sometimes though, I get wrapped up in my lame desire to have perfectly behaved children who do whatever I say, whenever I say it, with a happy joyful heart.
(And I can picture the grown up Mama's reading this blog, just chuckling at my zealous aspirations, because I know that time has probably taught them the way to let go, the way to not stress in the details... but this Mama's not there yet. :)

And I forget to say thanks.
Thank you to the One who made them.
Thank you to the One who shared them with me and the Cowboy.
Thank you for the magical-tent days.
Thank you for the snow-sprinkled-face days.
Thank you for the three-year-old-drawing-Mama's-portrait days.
Thank for the littlest lad and the way he toddles himself into adventure, these days.

Lord, help me to take great joy in all that is going on under this farm house roof with these many small children, and the handsome cowboy, the five that I get to call my own.