Monday, November 7, 2011

The Sweet Heart

When breakfast was over she cleared her plate without a word.

She wiped the table without a word.

She cleared the counters and rinsed the dishes, all without a word.

And as she flipped the switch and walked out of the kitchen she looked over and saw her older brother on the couch, lying long and achey all over and she said it out loud,

"Siah, I'll do your jobs for you."

Back into the kitchen she went.

She flipped the lights back on and grabbed the broom. Together her and the spunky sister swept the floor. The little one held the dust pan while the Sweet Heart brushed the crumbs right in. When they were done there were still some crumbs under the table. But when she asked, "How does it look Mama?" I smiled big and told her a genuine, "Wonderful, Love!" ... What's a few crumbs when you have such an extravagant view of a Sweet Heart?? :)

The kitchen was clean and the dancing girl went upstairs. She made her brothers bed and cleaned up his room. She brought down his favorite stuffed animals and a stack of his favorite reads. She asked him if there was anything else she could do for him.

Could it get any sweeter than that?

He gave her a sweet heart... a gift that blesses us all! :)

#'s 703-717
The way they love on each other around here.
A little boy who found a love for reading.
United, me and the Cowboy.
Simple days in the farmhouse.
Him, filling my mouth with kind words that are helpful for building them up.
Women who come around and pray.
The dancing girl giving the spunky girl piggy-back rides around the living room... both girls sprawled out on the floor in a heap of little-girl giggles.
Laundry, done... at least until night comes. :)
Clean flannel sheets... warmth on these snowy nights.
Food in the pantry, clean water in their cups...
Desire for His Word...For Wisdom...
For the Dancing girl... For her sweet heart.